Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hand Embroidery 3d Butterfly

graffiti art
hand embroidery on cotton, plastic figure, wire, dmc floss
6½" x 5"

MUCH thanks to my friends sweet boys for donating "THUG" for the centerpiece of my hand embroidery graffiti butterfly.

It's based on a photo I took several years ago of graffiti with tree shadows. I then cropped and altered the image for the embroidery design. I used satin stitch and long and short stitch. I can't really tell you exactly how long it took because I don't think to actually time myself,but I am guessing about 3 months. I spent many hours looking at my photographs, coming up with the design, drawing it out on the fabric, the actual stitching, attaching wire on the edge of the wings, adding felt backing, and then hunting for a center. More hours will be involved with framing it, ugh! the WORST part (and much sputtering and curses). 

My butterfly series will be exhibited in October this year at IN A FRAME.

Time to hop off
shadow of woman
thanks for dropping by
Have a GREAT day

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tiger Swallowtail at the Women's Park

The Women's Park in Yellow Springs, Ohio is teeming with butterflies, moths, bees etc.
Yellow Coneflowers

If you are visiting Yellow Springs, check the park out, it is on Corry Street Bike Trail opposite the Antioch College Amphitheater.
Well worth a visit on a sunny day. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Purple Coneflowers: Wallpaper for July and August

yellow springs gardens
Purple Coneflowers aka Echinacea
The flowers around town this year are just GLORIOUS and seeing lots of bees.
Available in prints, tote bags etc below
I decided to make it my  wallpaper for July and August. If you would like to licence
this image or use it just send me a message.
My contact form is at the right.

cheers from the happy bee
macro shot of bee

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visiting Artists Studios

One of the fun things of doing the POWA! project is visiting artists studios. Doing a photo shoot gives me more time to explore and see work that often is not shown or rarely seen. These are amazing women whose work, and energy is truly inspiring.Last month was a visit with my Textile Art Group pal.
POWA!: A visit with Bette Kelley
Yesterday I visited Beth Holyoke's studio
dramatic filter photograph
 and visited one of her strawbale houses.
sepia photograph porch

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Graffiti Butterflies

back to art threads
and final stretch on my hand embroidery butterflies in preparation for October exhibit in IN A FRAME. Had to finish adding wire and backing to them and now have to find pieces that will work for the centers.
This is going to take as much time as hand stitching them because I really want found objects that mean something to me and works with each piece. 
Spin Bird worked out perfectly, thanks to KAOS Queen Karen Russell ♥